Dad's Army walking tours start at the Charles Burrell Museum in Minstergate then take in the many filming locations used around the Thetford town centre, the bronze statue of Captain Mainwaring, Jones's van (subject to availability) and end at the Museum. The total time to allow for the walking tour and museum visit is 2 hours a. Visit the shop to purchase tickets or gift vouchers for walking tours. Tours include a private visit to the museum and tea/coffee with biscuits.

Coach tours start from the museum and include a private visit to the museum with tea & cake. There are two sessions morning & afternoon with a break at lunch time.

Children 12 and under go free on walking tours but must have a ticket for the coach tours, there is no child rate.

Tickets for both tours need to be pre booked.

Tour dates - 2021

Tour dates 2021


October 10th and October 17th.Tickets £12.50 on sale now.

Tour dates 2022

The dates for next years tours are as follows


 21 May, 18 June, 13 August, 10 September and 22 October


17 April, 15 May, 5 & 19 June, 3 & 24 July, 7 & 28 August, 11 & 25 September, 30 October and 13 November

Tickets on sale from December 1st.

Self guided tours

The walking tour of the Thetford locations is available as self guided leaflet from the museum or from Thetford`s Great Information Centre in King Street. A copy of the leaflet is given on the escorted tours.

Tour times 2020 & 2021

Public walking tours for the 2020 and 2021 season will start at 10:30am you are advised to arrive by 10:00am so that you can have a good viewing of the Jones`s Van and the Charles Burrell Museum. Tickets must be pre booked. All public tours take place on a Sunday.

Walking tours start at the Charles Burrell Museum and finish at the Dad`s Army Museum and tickets must be pre booked.

Coach tours start promptly at 10am at the Dad`s Army Museum.

Vouchers may be used for any walking tour but must be pre booked and are valid until the end of 2021 season.. There is no friends discount on tours.

The tour is also available as a self guided tour, the leaflet is available from the museum or from Thetford `s Great Information Centre in KIng Street.




Private tours 2021

From June the museum hopes to be able to offer private walking tour of the Thetford locations. The tours will cost £12.50 per person plus a group fee of £10. The following conditions will apply.

*Minimum fee of £35 (2 tickets plus £10)

*Subject to a guide being available

*Will include a visit to the museum

*The Jones`s van is only available when the  Burrell Museum is open.


Please contact the museum for details etc

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